I love helping ideas big and small reach the people who will fall in love with them.


Get Involved

In March 2020, as a response to the shutdown of public life during the coronvairus pandemic,

I initiated the project Art Action Berlin to help save art spaces in existential danger.

Creative Consulting

After living in New York, Tokyo, London, and now Berlin for seven years, I've met a great group of talented people, and I get to collaborate with them on a regular basis. 

We work together to fine-tune a creative concept, find the right approach, and make a plan to make sure the message gets to where it is going, regardless of which country or what culture it's headed to.

Connect and Engage

For an idea to really take off it has to be firing on all cylinders at once: written, visual, virtual, and physical.

Maybe I can help you with some of these things:


Find artists

to get involved with your project, creating an eye-catching visual story

Clear and concise copywriting  to target your message and tell your story 

 Listen and learn how to speak to your fans on social media

Connect with

the perfect strategic partners to make your vision a reality

Pull in a localization expert to make sure you strike the right tone in any language


unforgettable events 

with a line out

the door

Like cats?

Me too. 

Get in touch.


About me

Justin is an independent curator and writer. He has worked with artists interested in the intersections of technology and fine art in New York and Tokyo and now resides in Berlin where he connects artists and creatives with industry and collectors. He regularly contributes to SomoS Arts and 4SEE Magazine and runs the exhibition and residency program at GlogauAIR in Berlin.

His interests include cryptography, retrofuturism, the digital divide, and emerging art in all mediums. He obtained a Bachelors in the history of science at Yale University, a research fellowship in cultural elements of computing at University of Tokyo and a Masters in cultural studies at the University of London.

You can check out my CV here if you like. 


Justin Stewart Ross

Michaelkirchstrasse 16

10179 Berlin

Steuernummer 16/497/01273


+49 1575 4803040

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