Boris Benjamin Fauser's multimedia works incorporate collage and assemblage techniques in a conscious subterfuge against the limitations of the canvas. His irreverent approach is at once whimsical and deeply considered. Pop culture references blur the distinctions between high and low cultures and a witty sensibility drives these conceptual works to challenge our conventional understanding of media and celebrity. 



Born in Basel, Switzerland, Fauser's practice is heavily influenced and informed by his background and education in philosophy. It is this analytical gaze to which he subjects all contemporary pursuits, resulting in his layered interpretations, vivid and descriptive, while deeply symbolic at the same time. 


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Joanna Szproch was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1979. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz with an MFA degree in 2004 she moved back to Warsaw to work on international commercial and artistic projects, before moving to Berlin in 2012.


In Berlin she has rediscovered the open-minded and creative childlike energy within herself again and refocused her art practice with this new sense of bewilderment and freedom from tradition. These blurry borders between old and new, adult and kid, innocence and desire are leitmotiv in her artistic work.  


In July 2014 Joanna Szproch participated in the Alter Angle 3º exhibition at SomoS Art House. She has since exhibited her work in a variety of venues in Berlin as well as abroad in Palermo and Verona, Italy. Her work has been selected to appear in numerous publications such as Juxtapoz, Novembre, and Art-Magazin. Since October 2016 Joanna Szproch teaches a seminar entitled “Art Direction and Photography” at HTK - Akademie fur Gestaltung, Berlin.



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