Butoh Beach

SomoS Art House, Berlin

January 2015


Alter Angle Presents Tata Christiane in Butoh Beach, an a capella butoh performance:


A transformative and soulful performance evening featuring butoh dancers and a capella musicians wearing novel designs by Tata Christiane based on her last collection ‘Bad Trip Hawaii’. The evening incorporates music, fashion, and movement and expand upon the themes of the Tropicana 404 Exhibition on view at SomoS during Berlin Fashion Week. 



Martin Lorenz

Anna Lanfer

Milly Blue 



Yuko Kaseki

Lisa Stertz

Jorge Osuna Sanchez

Cecilia Gala

Marina Epp

Tropicana 404

SomoS Art House, Berlin

January 2015


Tropicana 404 presents a group show featuring artists that peel away the veneer of sublime tropicalia to reveal the uncanny nature of a purely symbolic paradise. By juxtaposing components of leisure, holiday, and celebration with indications of avarice and artifice these artists manage to achieve an unsettling balance of sensation and cynicism. Mimicry and deception permeate these works, exposing the illusive nature of paradise and the melancholy disquietude that this realization generates. 


Participating Artists: 

Fabian Schröder - Photography 

Phntm Beach - Installation 

Luiza Schiavo - Painting 

Tata Christiane – Textile and Fashion 

Owen McCann – Photograph 

Betty Böhm – Installation 

Thiago Dezan – Documentary



Saturation and Decay

SomoS Art House, Berlin

November 2014

SomoS presents its Fall group show Saturation and Decay which focuses on the mechanics of temporality and the relativity of value. The artists are united by their approach to the poetics of discarded material desire and relics from collective memory, impermanence, and the broken. Their works become a source of sombre reflection and encourage a reexamination of nostalgia. Trash – symbolic of a saturated culture – emerges as a language of composition, resulting in an eerie amalgamation of past, present, and future. 


Participating Artists:

Madeline Stillwell - Sculpture

Willi Tomes - Painting/Installation

Nick Dewar - Painting


Pornceptual Does SomoS

SomoS Art House, Berlin

October 2014


For the Pornceptual Does SomoS exhibition SomoS invited Art/Porn agitators Pornceptual for a show that explores diverse representations of sexuality in artwork that intersects with pornography. The Pornceptual team develops art projects and environments that seek to decontextualize pornography from the usual conventions and reinterpret arousal. Pornceptual also maintains an online platform for people to express sexuality in creative ways. The Pornceptual Does SomoS show was developed by Pornceptual and SomoS as an opportunity to make their online efforts material. The participating artists will be featured in their online gallery as well as exhibiting at SomoS Art House. Find out more at




Participating Artists:

Chris Phillips

Daphne Greca

Ash Conrad

Mischa Badasyan

Murat Onen

Carol Stiler

Boris Benjamin Fauser 

Eric Phillips & Edward Green

Domenico Barra

Irina Koscheleva

Sonia Johanna Erb

My Paper Sunglasses

SomoS Art House, Berlin

August 2014


In this cooperation, the international “My Paper Sunglasses” exhibition project came to Berlin for its fifth installment after four acclaimed exhibitions across South America. Creative director and curator Otavio Santiago invited artists from his current home in Berlin along with those from his former home in Brazil to express their artistic perspective on cutout paper sunglasses offering a glimpse into the unique identities of these artists while seriously complicating the boundaries between art, portraiture, and fashion. The invited artist’s sunglasses artworks were presented alongside their self-portraits wearing them. A performance by Lisa Stertz and an editorial fashion spread by WOW Berlin Mag, both inspired by the project, were presented for the first time on the opening night.


MyPaper Sunglasses


Alter Angle 3º

SomoS Art House, Berlin

July 2014


The third edition of Alter Angle at SomoS Art House exposes the anthropology of fashion in an exhibit that brings together artworks and performances that reveal the multitude ways in which the way we dress commingles with cultural identities. SomoS’ ongoing exhibition series “Alter Angle” is part of Berlin Fashion Week, presenting artists who draw from fashion, individuality, and the pursuit of beauty to explore an alternative angle on conscious style and explore the world of creativity behind and beyond the fabric of fashion.


Participating Artists:

Guille Chipironet

Joseph Ford

Iwajla Klinke

Daria Marchik

Âme Soeur

Joanna Szproch

Ari Versluis

Charles Wyszogrod


Alter Angle 2º

SomoS Art House, Berlin

January 2014


Alter Angle Exhibition Winter 2014 Edition at SomoS Art House January 14-19th, 2014, Art House SomoS takes a different look at fashion. This exhibition, timed to coincide with Berlin Fashion Week, presents artists who draw from fashion, individuality, and the pursuit of beauty to explore an alternative angle on conscious style and explore the world of creativity behind and beyond the fabric of fashion.


Participating Artists:

Anthony Lycett - Photography

Igor Dewe - Video

Margot Charbonnier - Installation

Nelson Santos - Illustration

Ulrich Diezmann - Painting

Chaca - Objects


Alter Angle 1º

SomoS Art House, Berlin

January 2014


SomoS placed the spotlight on a selection of artworks that address the themes of identity, fashion and self-representation, complemented by finessed design pieces that exemplify the vibrancy of self-expression that is characteristic of Berlin’s creative underground, its sexual outsiders and extreme club culture; exposing some shared roots and interests.


These artists invite us to think of fashion and self presentation in a radically different way, far removed from consumerism and instead more connected to the realization of deeply personal, social, psychological and sexual needs.


Participating Artists: 

Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek

Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo

J.Jackie Baier

Bobby Collins

Tulip Enterprises

Walter Bruno Brix



Mischa Badasyan

Participating Designers:


Aurelia Paumelle

Simone Rainer


Grosser Heinrich

Tata Christiane

Quicklook 001

SomoS Art House, Berlin

April 2013


A special art presentation by Berlin-based artist Santiago Taccetti during Berlin Gallery Weekend 2013.


Experimenting across multiple mediums, Taccetti playfully pushes the boundaries of the materials he works with, using tar and enamel in innovative ways to capture the tension between dynamism and stasis. Taccetti places these (in)animated works in a site-specific installation that responds to the environment of the original 1920s Kaffeehaus turned exhibition hall. 


Santiago Taccetti, born in 1976 in Argentina, lives and work in Berlin. 

Things that make you go oooohhh

April 2013

Das Gift


Things That Make You Go Ooohhh is a group exhibition that focuses on the fetishization of objects and materials. In an art world that seems at times to relish over-intellectualization, this exhibition shows the pure enjoyment materiality can give us through intuitive explorations of tactility and sensory decadence.



Participating Artists:

Jérôme Chazeix

Bobby Collins

Nadine Fecht

Jaakko Pallasvuo

Georg Parthen

Ash Reid

Santiago Taccetti



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