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Professional Development

Since 2013 I have worked as an independent curator in Berlin, as well as the assistant director at SomoS Art House in the bustling 'Kreuzkolln' district. 


I've worked with hundreds of artists over this time to help them advance their career, produce their first solo exhibition, connect with some nice local and international press, sell their work to local art enthusiasts and global collectors, or just get some friendly advice.


I would be really happy to get to know you, learn about your art practice, see your artwork, help set some goals, and work together to make them happen!

write me an e-mail at

or give me a call at     +49 1575 4803040

Let's plan to meet up and have a chat about how I can help you reach your professional creative and artistic goals. Maybe we can think about working together like this:



We can have a studio visit for some feedback about your current work


I could review your portfolio to give you some advice on how to make the very best impression to curators and collectors


We can take a look at your artist statement and if you like I can use my years of experience as an art writer to polish it up a bit


If you have a public presentation coming up we can take a look at the exhibition design


If you would like to have your own exhibition we can discuss the options and get started on the exhibition proposals and curatorial statements


In case you are looking for the chance to sell your artwork, I can connect you with a larger network of curators and collectors in Berlin and abroad

Or maybe you just want more people to know about your work and come to your exhibition, then I can think about writing a press release or even an article for you



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