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Art Consulting

Berlin is a global cultural hub and a creative mecca for artists from all around the world. Buying art helps support these artists and maintain the thriving art scene that Berlin has become world-renowned for. 


Collecting art is for anyone who loves art and wants to experience it every day by putting it right in their home, store, or office. Anyone can be a collector, no matter your budget or experience.


I have been working with the most talented and unique artists in Berlin, building relationships and creating exhibitions together since 2012. I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your individual needs and interests and help connect you with one of the many emerging and established talented artists in my network. 


write me at

or give me a call + 49 1575 4803040


There are many ways we can work together. Here are a couple of ideas:


Visit the top galleries and art spaces in Berlin on a personalized tour 


Art Consulting to help you build your ideal home, office, or store environment


Consultations to add particularly unique pieces to your private collection


Prudent and timely advice for investing in art and building a portfolio

Exclusive access to artists and unexhibited artworks available to purchase right from their studio


Private previews and first right of refusal for exhibited artworks


Art rental and rent-to-own options


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