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Strategic Consulting

I love helping ideas big and small reach the people who will fall in love with them.



After living in New York, Tokyo, London, and now Berlin, I've met a great group of talented people, and I get to collaborate with them on a regular basis. 



We work together to fine-tune a creative concept, find the right image, and make a plan to make sure the message gets to where it is going, regardless of which country or what culture it's headed to. 














write me at

or give me a call + 49 1575 4803040

Written, visual, social, and physical. These days, for an idea to really take off it has to be firing on all cylinders at once. Maybe I can help you with some of these things:


Finding artists to get involved with campaigns, editorials, product shoots, or set design, creating the key elements of any eye-popping visual story


Once you've got their attention you have to be clear and concise to target your message with great copywriting


Suddenly, you are the next big thing and your product is getting shared on social media faster than #KendallJenner can keep up


The next huge step is getting even more attention by producing unforgettable events with a line out the door


But first you will need to translate all of your press materials, product descriptions, and campaign material and pull in a localization expert to make sure you bow just low enough and serve the favorite local beer


All in anticipation of your simultaneous flagship store launches in Tokyo, Berlin, and New York


With your newfound success, you will want to build a collection of great art for your office, stores, and your home to celebrate


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